Deeper Sneak Away from Little Guppies Prizes

Deeper Sneak Away from Little Guppies Prizes
Deeper Sneak Away from Little Guppies Prizes Deeper Sneak Away from Little Guppies Prizes Deeper Sneak Away from Little Guppies Prizes (click images to enlarge)

Deeper Sneak Away from Little Guppies Prizes

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Description of Deeper Sneak Away from Little Guppies Prizes

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Product Features

Deeper Sneak Away is an arcade motion game with lots of colors and amazing sound effects. It also has a character that is trying to fly through the forest and get safely home to its family on the other side. The idea of Deeper Sneak Away is to see how far you can flap the character's wings, fulfilling skills like rapidness, focus, attention, and other aptitudes you will surely notice! Deeper Sneak Away is great for kids! Apart from being amazingly cool with colourful pixel art and stunning sound effects, kids will undoubtedly have fun bringing the LADYBUG home. Download it now and you'll see the difference with other games for children! When you tap the screen the character flaps and flaps, no tapping, no flap! As you can see Deeper Sneak Away seems really easy, but once you get to the first obstacle, you can really notice it requires great skills to get ahead. Playing with friends really spices things up. Watching who gets farther away in this healthy competition lets time fly away. So help the tough little character flap & fly freely forever in this enchanted and great forest! It's really difficult really for any cute little LADYBUG character! With lots of moving obstacles, one little character is trying by herself to get to the other side. You'll love playing this fast-paced mania because of its highly responsive controls, and the cuteness of our lovely little flappy character going against really frightening obstacles! So download this unique side-scrolling 2D platformer today! You can play this impulsive game anytime and anywhere thus it doesn't need internet to activate the greatest adventure ever! Try to get the world-highest score! Download it now while it's completely FREE! With super addicting action arcade gameplay Deeper Sneak Away is your best choice! Easy to play! Try to get the world-highest score!